Snuffle Garden 4 Shelters

What is a Snuffle Garden?

A Snuffle garden is a safe place in an enclosed area, where the dog can snuffle and explore in freedom by using all his senses, without intervention of other people (or dogs).

Snuffle Gardens /sensory garden provides enrichment for the dogs in shelters and enables them to experience different sights, sounds, smells and textures. Some had never left the confines of their house before being rescued.

Advantages of a snuffle garden:

-Dogs can become calmer by sniffing (instead of playing on a field)

-More confident -Often find new owners sooner

-Nice to walk around in a safe environment

-Sensory and mental stimulation

-Own pace, without pressure from others

-Smelling reduces the stress level

-Reducing kennel related stress

-Improving their overall quality of life

Sniffing and exploring between car tires. Very interesting