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How to create a Snuffle Garden?

How to create a Snuffle Garden?

In general:

- The area must be securely fenced off.

- The environment must be safe. 

- No sharp or dangerous objects lying around.

- It is important that dogs can sniff and explore freely, without outside influences. No other people or dogs are present!

Meeting the dog's sensory needs! - smell - taste - sound - sight - touch

For the smell: Various edible herb plants such as: thyme, valerian, basil, mint, chamomile, catnip, lavender, parsley, oregano catnip and dill. Some dogs love to find their own medicine.

What do dogs do with the herbs:

- Inhaling such as valerian and hops

- Rolls in catnip

- Peeling birch and willow bark from trees to eat afterwards

- Eating wheat and barley grass

Taste: Wheatgrass / Barley grass Dogs from the shelter of Kaiserslautern love to eat wheat grass and we have seen this also in other snuffle gardens. Dogstrust in the UK uses also wheatgrass. Eating grass is not always that dogs are sick. They just like it and if dogs can eat grass It decreases the heart rate, it calms down.

Place several drinking bowls with water and in every bowl you put a different drop e.g. Olive oil, sugar, Tabasco.

Or put a cupcake Sight: Hang empty plastic bottles/cans on a fence possibly filled with interesting scents and colours.

Or a watering can is also very interesting

Sound: Solid materials such as a bamboo bush or hang items or bottles on a rack or tree branch. What about a wind chime? Just be creative!

Touch: Different surfaces Lay different surfaces in your garden such as artificial grass, old carpet, plastic tarp, rubber tiles, wood chips, towel, small stones, large stones, sand, wood chips, towel, small stones, large stones, sand, etc.

But think also that you meet the dog's instinctual behaviors like:

- digging 

- rolling

- Climbing

- chewing , shredding and destroying (more information see also enriched environment) 

Fundraising ideas for your Snuffle Garden:

-Create a website (e.g. a free site such as Jimdo)

-Create a FB page and mention:

-Your plans, how much money you need, which materials and what kind of help you need.

-People can donate and as a “thank you”, you make a sign on the wall with their name in the Snuffle garden.

-Make a wish list of items you will need, such as tree trunks, tires, sandboxes, stones, plants, fencing, etc.

-Share this wish list among friends, donors, on FB etc.

-Ask “handy”people if they can help you with building a fence etc.

More ideas: take a look at

Meeting the dog's sensory needs, like smell, taste, sound, sight and touch